Lived Experience & Background

"I come from a tiny town in Germany from a family where discussions on world issues were a staple at our dinner table. This fortunate upbringing shaped my perspective, sparking a passion to question power structures and seek alternative solutions. I've lived years and months in Argentina, Colombia, and India, each experience adding layers to my worldview. Driven by white-saviorism for too long, I'm now distancing myself from the ever perpetuating corporate sustainability world, focusing instead on community-driven solutions and existing knowledge. I'm also on a journey to decolonize my yoga practice."

Personal Journey
Professional Background

"I have 15 years of experience in the field of sustainability in fashion & agriculture, having transitioned from roles rooted in compliance and auditing. I have grappled with my own challenges, recognizing the limitations of the traditional sustainability narrative. I have also witnessed the pitfalls of engaging in what I refer to as "stewardship superiority" during my years of advising farming communities, textile factories and fashion brands and retailers around the world. I am currently in the process of getting divorced from so-called sustainability inc. or corporate sustainability. Through my participation in the POSSIBLE FUTURES course Intro to Decolonial Sustainability, I have come to understand the importance of indigenous autonomy, social justice and environmental justice, embarking on a journey of dissecting power within the context of sustainability."