Holis, I’m Lavinia!

I am a former sustainability soldier on deprogramming turned provocateur, committed to questioning the status quo in the fashion and agricultural sectors. Heavily trained in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, I have spent years as an accredited auditor and consultant for various ecological and social standards & fashion brands and retailers. However, disillusioned by the pervasive 'white-savior-industrial complex' and the limitations of traditional sustainability approaches, I am now focused on centering justice and community-based solutions.


I believe context is everything! I like to impart data & information around environmental & social justice in an engaging, motivational, emotional, entertaining and/or loud way. I try to incorporate clarity, passion and knowledge to deliver complex, smart and ambitious messages into wide-ranging ethical manifestos by storytelling and lived experiences.

I offer diverse consulting services around (un)sustainability, ethics and anti-greenwashing. I welcome collaboration with grassroots organizations, forward-thinking companies embracing degrowth and intersectionality, farming communities, and sustainability professionals grappling with unanswered questions.

I offer 1:1 or group (un)sustainability and ethics mentoring to explore and tackle problems and provide insights for systems thinking and interdependence, social and ecological justice and fair distribution, respect for limits and post-growth-economics. I do that for sustainability professionals who have unresolved questions, but also for everybody who is interested in changing dynamics.

Consulting by Co-Creation
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My community offers

The two formats serve to break the ice and dive deep into (un)sustainability, critical, and radical topics for resilient futures. I'm excited to introduce these opportunities to explore (un)sustainability in both short & focused or expansive settings. Everyone is welcome who shows up with an open heart and humility and I offer communication in English, Spanish and/or German.

Join my Radical (Un)Sustainability Dialogues – a non-agenda, open Zoom call for free exchange on (un)sustainability for students, interviewers, and anyone curious about the topic. This session is a space for open dialogue, sharing ideas, and exploring the complexities of sustainability together.

Explore deeper insights with my (Un)Sustainability Consultation Sessions, crafted for sustainability professionals seeking radical perspectives and problem-understanding. Join discussions on systems thinking, social justice, and more.

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erlich stories - stay true to nature

This is me (stuck in between strong opinions, provocation, merit misgivings and looking for a caring community) and the video is about - guess what? Not organic undies, but a critical view on sustainability. The sweet teams from erlich textil and Vey Vey Films caught me, without any aggressive manifestation of product placement, censorship, or prescribed script. Quite “erlich” (which is a modification of “honest” in German) and pretty raw.